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Dévor is one of the pioneers of virtual restaurants in France. With no less than 7 brands, Fat Fat, Saint Burger, Green&Wild, Squeeze, Oba Bao, Gyoza Bowl, Tiger Chicken, Dévor imagines the future of food, creates turnkey digital food concepts, easy to operate. Charles Drouhaut, co-founder and COO, explains the challenges of this new industry.



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"What's amazing is that Inpulse's performance is even better than a good restaurant manager."

Charles Drouhaut

Co-founder and COO of DÉVOR

At the head of Dévor, Jean Valfort and Charles Drouhaut have been restaurateurs for many years with Panorama Group and pioneers in this new industry. The secret of their success: building a strong product in a very precise economic model where everything is calibrated.

Charles Drouhaut gives us his vision of the virtual restaurant business model: 

"This is virtual food, everything is digitalized, there is no species, no table service, everything is optimized. When we plug in a new kitchen, everything has already been thought out precisely: the size of the premises, the staff, the brands we select according to the catchment area..."
"We're constantly sourcing the market to find the best tools. What was really attractive about Inpulse was its ability to predict the order. This tool that learns by itself is something that is very strong. What we noticed after implementing Inpulse on the park is that we recovered 2 or 3 points of margin on our material costs. We ensure continuity of stocks. You don't have any shortages, it's a free order. I didn't pay 50 euros to have it delivered, I ordered the right quantity and moreover the quantity adapted to my needs."

Bringing on board franchisees who are not in the business

The philosophy at Dévor is to be able to onboard all types of profiles who wish to start a franchise. "Our objective: you don't need to have been a restaurant owner or have a lot of experience to become a Dévor franchisee. Everything is calibrated, so we can attract a large number of people, because if you want to launch yourself in this new industry, the investment is not huge, unlike a traditional restaurant business," as Charles Drouhaut explains.

"When we discovered Inpulse, there was only one thing missing to be able to offer our Dévor franchise to non-restaurants: sales forecasting. To ensure that franchisees are profitable quickly, they need to be supported effectively, to enable them to reach their target food cost quickly. Without sales forecasting, they would need at least 8 months to gain experience: absorbing two seasons, living through school holidays, rushes... Thanks to Inpulse, we will accelerate the achievement of objectives, a franchisee can start performing as early as 2 months."

Supporting franchisees in 3 weeks

Dévor provides support to its franchisees so that they are quickly autonomous: in only 3 weeks . For Charles Drouhaut, offering a stock and order management software that supports the franchisees is essential. 

"With Inpulse, we provide a tool that is easy to use and we are sure that they will place the right orders even if they have no experience. We've reduced stock-outs, and it's also allowed us to order at the right rate, so we don't have to pay €50 or €100 in shipping costs if we make a mistake.

We were able to rationalise purchases. This framework is reassuring as a franchisor. We are in the centimeter business, so the fact that we know there will be little waste takes a big bite out of the equation, because the loss of margin can soar very quickly if we are not precise.

It's also three times faster to place supplier orders, in a business where hours are not counted, but where mistakes are paid for hard and directly on your margin."

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"The strength of Inpulse is that we don't have that thinking and anticipating part anymore, the tool does it for us. And what's amazing is that Inpulse's performance is even better than a good restaurant manager."

Charles Drouhaut

Co-founder and COO of DÉVOR

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