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Nobi Nobi

Nobi Nobi

Japanese street food

Nobi Nobi, the Japanese street food chain founded by Sing-Lee Ly and developed since this year by Yam's Ellacott, is in full acceleration: rationalization of the menu, structuring of supplies, new tools... Benjamin Schmit, COO in charge of development, shares with us the stakes involved in bringing on board numerous franchisees: already 4 branches and 8 franchisees in 2023, 8 openings in the next 6 months!

"The role of a franchisor is to simplify the life of his franchisees, Inpulse is fun and easy to use, I understood in 30 minutes how it worked, it's really intuitive."

Benjamin Schmit

COO in charge of development at Nobi Nobi

To support this rapid expansion, the company has chosen to equip itself with an efficient, expert multi-site management tool. Inpulse meets two major challenges that Benjamin Schmit shares with us: 

  • Supporting the restructuring of the company's supply chain
  • Equip new franchisees with an expert, easy-to-use tool

Optimizing supplies 

Since 2014, the Nobi Nobi concept has been based on premium positioning with dishes based on fresh produce and original recipes that are unusual in France. Yakisoba noodles, breaded chicken and sauces were prepared directly in the restaurants' kitchens. As Benjamin Schmit explains, their nationwide expansion as a franchise required them to revisit their operational processes:

"In order to homogenize product quality and optimize production times in all our restaurants, we decided to industrialize NobiNobi noodles and chicken. We're a hybrid of the homemade and the assembled: sauces, curries and ramen broth are all homemade. Our pre-production system is particularly efficient, enabling us to deliver our dishes in very few minutes. At Nobi Nobi, we deliver on our promise of quality fast food. We have also optimized our recipes and revised our technical data sheets to reduce waste. For example, we've replaced the green salad used as a garnish with tangy red cabbage, which is eaten and makes an interesting pairing with the Panko breaded chicken. "

"The other key area is procurement. On the one hand, we have rationalized the number of suppliers, dividing them by 3 to ensure quality, national logistics and better negotiation of purchases. On the other hand, as Nobi Nobi is a highly-processed 'branch' brand, we have reviewed everything for the integration of franchisees, by setting up a tool to centralize purchasing and simplify supplier orders." 

"Since integrating Inpulse, we've been using sales forecasting, and we've set up weekly inventories and a daily inventory for our most sensitive product: chicken. We have access to very precise data for analysis, and we check on a daily basis to monitor discrepancies. In particular, this has enabled us to realize that our technical data sheets did not take into account water loss in chicken during cooking.

Inpulse helps our branches and franchisees to optimize inventory and purchasing. We can monitor consumption and stock levels much more closely. Inventory is cash, and the gains can be substantial. Thanks to Inpulse's data, we can finally see where we stand in relation to our target foodcost."

Equip new franchisees with an expert, easy-to-use tool

By 2024, Nobi Nobi aims to have 30 restaurants, with 8 openings planned over the next 6 months. Such a pace requires the ability to quickly get new franchisees on board, as Benjamin Schmit points out: 

"Our franchisees are our best ambassadors, and innovation and support are at the heart of our strategy. The role of a franchisor is to simplify the lives of his franchisees, and we need turnkey tools like Inpulse that require little training so that they can save time in managing their margins and purchases. I understood in 30 minutes how Inpulse worked, it's very intuitive."

"In addition to Inpulse's business expertise, what really convinced us was its rapid configuration and ergonomic design. It's essential that franchisees want to use the solution. Inpulse is fun, easy to use, and you quickly grasp the advantages of this tool. It's our role as franchisors to offer the best solutions to our franchisees, so that they can easily carry out their day-to-day operations and quickly analyze when there are problems.

Finally, at a time when banks are increasingly difficult to convince, we were able to show that Nobi Nobi is resilient and will last over time. With Inpulse, we're here to help our franchisees reach their target material cost so that they can perpetuate their business."

At the heart of Inpulse's onboarding strategy is the support provided by dedicated experts during the 4-week implementation phase. This phase of data collection, platform configuration and team training is crucial to the success of the project. If you'd like to find out more, request an appointment with one of our experts today to discover what Inpulse can do for you. 

"Inpulse helps us optimize inventory and purchasing, and the cash gains can be substantial. It's crucial to know where your foodcost stands."

Benjamin Schmit

COO in charge of development at Nobi Nobi

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