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Inventory management

How to limit real and theoretical consumption discrepancies ?

How to limit real and theoretical consumption discrepancies ?

You predicted a theoretical material cost of 30%, but the actual cost is 32%. Why? Because the difference between actual and theoretical consumption levels impacts your material cost. How can you close the gap on these variances ?

Artificial intelligence

Restaurant sales forecasts: anticipate your inventory and staffing needs

How do sales forecasts impact inventory and personnel management?

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games just around the corner, find out how to draw up accurate sales forecasts in foodservice to optimize the management of your inventory, your teams and cope with peaks in activity.

Food cost

3 levers for optimising food costs in the catering industry

3 levers to optimize your material costs in the face of inflation

Faced with inflation, how can you regain margin points without increasing prices, which could have a direct impact on your store's traffic?


Food waste in restaurants: reduce, measure and analyze your losses | Inpulse

Food waste in restaurants: reduce, measure and analyze losses

At the beginning of July, the European Commission announced plans to impose a 30% reduction in food waste from shops, restaurants and households by 2030. Food waste is at the heart of these concerns, so find out more about strategies to curb it.


Inventory management software for bakeries: reduce waste and increase margins

Reinventing bakery inventory management with AI

With the growing snacking offer sometimes representing 35% of their sales, inventory management is a major challenge for bakeries. Find out how AI can reduce waste, optimize efficiency and boost margins.

Fast food

8 key points to optimize your restaurant chain's inventory management | Inpulse

8 key points for optimizing inventory management in your restaurant chain

What are the challenges of growing from 2 to 10 restaurants? Duplicating your concept and expanding your network is an opportunity to achieve economies of scale and improve margins through better inventory management. Here are the 8 key points to focus your energy in the right place

Artificial intelligence

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the food service industry | Inpulse

How is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the food service industry?

By automating tasks, improving the customer experience and increasing efficiency, AI can help restaurants and bakeries grow faster and cut costs...


Rising raw materials prices: adjust your restaurant menu | Inpulse

Increase in raw materials, how to adjust the menu of your restaurant?

In case of a strong price increase on an ingredient, if we put aside the sourcing and the negotiation with your suppliers, the menu engineering is the strategy to adopt for short term effects.