We make life easier for the restaurant and food industry

We simplify the food and restaurant industry

In a sector where each minute counts, we put data at the core of your businessso you can make the best decisions possible in real time.


While the recent multiplication of distribution channels, the rise of central kitchens and multi-branding have made the operational management of food industry players more complex, strong competition has set in. It is necessary to deliver quickly, to ensure all references without interruption, and to favour fresh products to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

And yet, many restaurant owners still use excelsis to forecast their stocks and analyse their food costs, place their orders verbally, and implement a cumbersome ERP system that is difficult to use and lacks intelligence, for lack of an alternative.

The result: waste, overstock, lost sales and hours spent on laborious and time-consuming tasks.
For the past

4 years, wehave beenco-creating with passionate entrepreneurs an intelligent tool capable of reducing their food costs and rapidly deploying their multi-site network. Whether you are a manager in the field or a director at the head office, inpulse.ai gives everyone the means to focus on their core business: improving their concept, creating a recipe, managing their teams, transmitting a sense of welcome...

We have developed a technology that combines artificial intelligence and expertise in the operational chain. Hand in hand with you, we want to continue to move the lines to simplify your life and accelerate the deployment of your business.

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