What material cost could you achieve by optimizing your inventory management?

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18€ earned for 1€ invested.
This is the average return on investment for restaurants, corners and bakeries that use Inpulse. Calculate your target material cost and savings.

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NB: The estimates are calculated by the simulator on the basis of the information that the user provides and the time and margin savings that can be achieved through the use of the Inpulse inventory management software and supplier orders. They are based on the average of the results collected from our customers: gain of 20 hours per month on average per point of sale, gain of 20 hours per month at the head office, gain of 1 to 5 margin points depending on the stock management problems encountered and the type of kitchen.

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"This tool that learns by itself is something that is very strong. After the implementation of Inpulse on the park, we gained 3 points of margin on our material cost. We ensure the continuity of our stocks. You don't have any shortages, it orders free of charge."

Charles Drouhaut, Co-founder and COO at Dévor