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Côté Sushi is France's No. 1 provider of Nikkei (Peruvian Japanese fusion cuisine) delivery, takeaway and on-site sales. Catering to both private and corporate customers. Emmanuel Taib, the company's founder, explains how his team has accelerated the network's development with Inpulse.


+2 percent points

of margin gained - 800K euros


20 hours

saved per month, per manager



salmon losses in 1 year

« We noticed a 2 percent point increase in our gross margin since we started using Inpulse, which represents 800 000€. This is a significant improvement that our investors are very happy about. Inpulse helped us grow our business. »

Emmanuel Taib

Côté Sushi founder and CEO

The pre-production model challenge : anticipating

Côté Sushi uses a pre production business model : staff members make sushi platters first thing in the morning each day and place them in the window display. The cost of some ingredients can be very high, like salmon, therefore, planning ahead which sushi platters need to be produced is very important for a company like Côté Sushi.

"Before Inpulse, one of our main issues was linked to waste, fraud and inventory management : buying salmon which is very expensive. Today, these 3 important problems are totally automated and we just need to follow the software's recommendations."

The key feature of Inpulse is obviously the supply order recommendation, which enables managers and staff members to be as accurate as possible and to really take into account consumption and expectations. This results in less food waste and the scheduling process of staff members in charge of making the platters is made easier.

Improve ROI quickly

When it comes to ou planning our production schedule we now save 30 to 45 minutes per cook. We save 1hour to 1.5 hours per department, per day, per restaurant.

Our revenue is around 40million euros. Since Inpulse was implemented 18 months ago, we noticed a significant improvement in our gross margin (+2 percent point) which is a total of 800 000€. This allows us to strenghten our cash flow and to be more confident about our development.

Develop your network without constraints

Côté Sushi is a branch network, 80% of our new restaurants are operated by our head office, especially in province. Inpulse helps us implement new processes, get reel time feedback, manage our business more efficiently. Inpulse was well received by our fieldwork teams, we wanted all our team members (450) to train and learn how to use this new tool which was a key factor in the implementation process, even if at the beginning some were feeling more or less comfortable with this new IT tool.

The back office work is done by our supply chain manager, our purchasing manager and our operations managers. They don't encounter any difficulties in finding the information they need to create detailed production reports that allows the company to be managed effiently.

We launched a new brand called Piperno : a Neapolitan pizza brand, which also uses a branch development system. Inpulse allowed us to focus on developing this new network."

Inpulse is an AI tool that allows my teams and partners toknow exactly what they need to order, what they have to plan » Emmanuel Taib, Côté Sushi founder

The manager’s point of view

Guilhem Gilabert, Director of Côté Sushi de La Boétie for the past 8 months, testifies on the use of Inpulse:

"Thanks to Inpulse, we have almost no stock-outs. The only out-of-stock situations we have are with suppliers. Before, we were losing time. We had to contact suppliers every day to place orders, and there was no follow-up on sales. We had stock losses, but we didn't necessarily realize it.

On Inpulse, placing orders is super simple, the list of suppliers is already there, the tool tells us what quantity to order. It saves time, I save more than an hour a day. The main benefit is the sales forecast in relation to external events. A very important soccer match, for example, Inpulse allows us to notify that we're going to have an increase in turnover. We can also set up on Inpulse the group's promotions directly on the software."

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

Before Inpulse, we were facing a major issue that was directly related to food waste, fraud and inventory management.: buying salmon which is very expensive.

Emmanuel Taib

Côté Sushi founder and CEO

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