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Developed as a franchise in 2015, Pitaya is the first Thai street food network. A concept, inspired by typical Thai restaurants, adapted to current trends and new Western consumption patterns. Inès Gauthé, head of franchise operations at Pitaya shares with us her challenges and the first feedback from franchisees after a few months of using Inpulse.


2 to 3 points

gross margin increase







"With Inpulse, we save time and above all we have a tool that centralizes everything, we have an accurate reading of the foodcost."

Inès Gauthé

Manager of Franchise Operations at Pitaya

With more than 150 restaurants in France and Europe, the Pitaya brand has chosen Inpulse to help its franchisees control their material costs and cope with inflation. Inès Gauthé, Pitaya Franchisee Operations Manager shares her challenges as a franchisor: 

Centralize price lists, data sheets and purchases 

"We started by reviewing all the technical data sheets, to be sure of the quantities we use per dish, we set up measuring devices and all the recipes are centralized in Inpulse. The objective being to help franchisees respect portions to improve their material cost. "

Inès also stresses the importance of centralizing purchases, technical data sheets and price lists: "With the inflation context, we need to anticipate purchase volumes and thus improve negotiations with suppliers. It is also important to be able to quickly change the price lists and technical data sheets and that these changes are directly transmitted to the entire network. " 

Simplify field operations

"Inpulse is a centralized tool for managing orders and material costs, it allows you to follow your business from A to Z. The real advantage of Inpulse is its ergonomics. We used to use tools that took a lot of time to make inventories and place orders, but now with Inpulse, we save time and, above all, we have a tool that centralizes everything, so we have a precise reading of the foodcost."

"Inpulse has simplified inventories, operational staff are able to move faster and therefore do it more regularly. Before, we used to take inventory every month, but now, thanks to Inpulse, we take inventory every 10 days. Receiving goods is also easier, so we have stocks that are closer to reality and we can see the difference between what is real and what should have been consumed. I have the example of a franchisee who in 4 months of using Inpulse has reduced his consumption differences on beef by 44%." 

"Inpulse also allows you to plan your morning setups with sales forecasts, prepare the right quantities of chicken for example."

Concrete results shared by franchisees

"In 2 months, you can see the difference, I've gained 3 points on my foodcost, it's great. The team saves time: before, the manager would spend all Monday afternoon on her analyses, now it's just one hour for the whole week. I can better support my team to avoid over-consumption" Jordy Mahric, franchisee of the Pitaya restaurant in Charlevilles-Mézières.

"Before, we didn't know we were using 10% more chicken, but now we can avoid this waste. Thanks to Inpulse, we can make our teams more aware of the need to respect recipe sheets." Aubin Carisey, franchisee at the Pitaya restaurant in Vaulx-en-Velin.

"Inpulse is great for operations. We have reduced training time, there is less tension for the teams. It makes it easier for me to aggregate data and create my reports, I have better visibility and therefore better control of my food cost." Stéphane Furio, supervisor 7 restaurants in Brittany.

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"Inpulse has simplified inventories, operational staff are able to move faster and therefore do it more regularly. Before, we were on a monthly inventory, today, thanks to Inpulse, we have moved to an inventory every 10 days. "

Inès Gauthé

Manager of Franchise Operations at Pitaya

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