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The Street Bangkok chain chose Inpulse several months ago to optimize its foodcost and improve the operational management of its 8 restaurants. Matthieu Monzat, Revenue Director, and Modou Lo, Management Controller, explain how Inpulse has enabled them to better control their costs and limit the impact of inflation on the cost of materials.


+3.5 points

gross margin increase


- 20%

in meat losses




"Inpulse allows us to react instantly, we have controlled our material cost despite huge increases in purchase prices, especially on products coming from Asia."

Matthieu Monzat and Modou Lo

Revenue Director and Controller at Street Bangkok

Despite a very unstable year, Street Bangkok ended the year 2022 with 15 million in sales and the ambition for 2023 to open a food court in Alesia, 2 franchises and 10 virtual restaurants in the inner city. Matthieu Monzat and Modou Lo talk about their use of Inpulse in a context of tense inflation:

Controlling food costs despite inflation

"Meat is the most critical point. Fresh produce as well, with inflation, the cost of transportation has increased threefold, it's reflected in the price of raw materials for all our products that come from Southeast Asia." Modou Lo, Management Controller at Street Bangkok
"I think some restaurant owners must have lost 2 or 3 points because of inflation or they have increased their prices significantly. Without Inpulse, our margin would have been strongly impacted, we managed to maintain our material cost and reduce the effects of inflation. This is largely thanks to the management of our menu with a real vision of costs. Before we had a general food cost, today we have a food cost per brand and per restaurant. This allows us to make specific decisions to target our actions. This is also thanks to the optimization of our purchases and orders. Managers have become more competent, thanks to forecasts, and they place the right supplier orders. They take inventory more regularly, and we have succeeded in integrating new routines that give us reliable information on the ground: we take a complete inventory once a month and a daily inventory of the top 10 products needed by the central kitchen. We really have better operational management.
As Revenue Director, I finally have access to centralized data. This allows us to make quick decisions without waiting." Matthieu Monzat, Revenue Director at Street Bangkok
"We have a better understanding of losses, everything is centralized, and the same goes for inventories. We finally have the reality on the ground because the managers have adopted the tool, which is very easy to use. All this data from the field has enabled us to improve our operational processes. We work on fresh products with short shelf lives. When we see a difference between the theoretical and the actual, we can go down to the restaurant or recipe category to identify margin losses. In particular, we identified packaging issues between the central kitchen and our restaurants that we were able to quickly remedy and that drastically reduced losses." Modou Lo, Management Controller at Street Bangkok

Simplify operational management and save time 

"Inpulse has enabled us at headquarters to work on the same software. The tool has two facets: on the one hand, the management of orders, stocks and losses, and on the other hand, the sales forecast part by product, access to the real material cost by recipe. Before, we used to wait more than a month to compare the theoretical material cost that I had defined when designing the recipes with the real material cost that Modou would give me after collecting the field data. The time to get the data, to meet and to put the actions in place, we had little reactivity. 
With the rising cost of raw materials, I have to decide quickly: Should I increase the price, modify the recipe or change it to guarantee profitability? Today, at any time, I can see the evolution of the ratio, I automatically calculate the real material cost on Inpulse, I have access to all the data in real time. I have divided by 3 the time spent on menu engineering thanks to Inpulse. " Matthieu Monzat, Revenue Director at Street Bangkok
"Inflation also means numerous updates of the price lists. Before, it took me a day and a half to update the price lists. With Inpulse, I can update all the suppliers in 3 hours maximum. I save a lot of time and I manage my relationships with suppliers better because I have easy access to information. I also spent a lot of time reporting losses, analyzing prices and inventories. With Inpulse, it's calculated automatically, it's very well done. I easily earn 40 hours a month." Modou Lo, Management Controller at Street Bangkok

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"I've cut the time spent doing menu engineering by a factor of 3 thanks to Inpulse."

Matthieu Monzat and Modou Lo

Revenue Director and Controller at Street Bangkok

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