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Founded by Edouard Hausseguy and Benoît Bossu, Gruppomimo offers the most popular dishes of Italy. Chef Pietro's father sources the products directly from his favorite local producers in Italy. Sébastien Médouze, Director of Operations, shares with us his challenges and why he chose Inpulse to equip the chain's 6 restaurants.



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"We chose Inpulse because it's the only inventory management software that allows us to do sales forecasting using artificial intelligence."

Sébastien Médouze

Director of Operations Gruppomimo

The first Gruppomimo restaurant opened in February 2021. Since then, a strong acceleration with 5 openings in 18 months, 3 new addresses planned by the end of 2023 and a development objective of 40 openings by 2025.

To support this rapid development, the company has chosen to equip itself with an efficient and expert multi-site management tool, as Edouard Hausseguy, co-founder of Gruppomimo, points out:

"Gruppomimo is growing rapidly, we chose Inpulse to efficiently structure the supply process for our restaurants, reduce stock-outs and impact revenue."

According to Sébastien Médouze, there were 3 major challenges to optimize the group's growth and profitability:

  • Centralize network performance indicators
  • Have reliable sales forecasts to avoid shortages
  • Easily engage managers

Monitor food costs in real time

Previously, it took several weeks for Sébastien to have access to the food cost data for the previous month. With Inpulse, the data is updated daily and allows Gruppomimo to follow the evolution of the food cost. The implementation of Inpulse also allows to compare addresses and to see if there are good practices to duplicate from one restaurant to another. The challenge is to consolidate the processes in order to put the development of the brand at the heart of new openings.

Easily engage managers

To grow fast, you need to be able to train your teams quickly. Inpulse makes it possible not only to accurately estimate sales for the 9 restaurants, but also to easily get managers on board by enabling them to order at the right time.

At Gruppomimo, there are young managers, sometimes inexperienced in stock management. Sébastien Médouze had noticed a problem of stock shortage on certain references, due to the underestimation of the supply.

"Inpulse is the only inventory management software that allows us to do sales forecasting using artificial intelligence. The real change is that we take into account all the factors, whether it's the weather or sporting events. Inpulse keeps us from running out of stock and allows managers to quickly reach their margin goals."
Sébastien Médouze, Director of Operations Gruppomimo

"I save about 20 to 30 minutes on my order taking each day with Inpulse."

Here is the video testimony of Tiphaine, manager of the Gruppomimo restaurant in Batignolles for 1 year now. She shares with us her experience with Inpulse.

"Before, we used to order from our suppliers via WhatsApp, or by phone. There was a lack of follow-up on orders and with suppliers.

With Inpulse, inventory management is more precise, we no longer have stock outs.

We have much better management of shelf life, we have a FIFO (First In First Out) which is much more precise and therefore generates much less waste. I use Inpulse to take inventory, which allows me to compare theoretical and real stock levels in order to target my markdowns.

"Inpulse is a big time saver which allows me to better take care of my teams and my clients." Tiphaine Bourel, Director of Gruppomimo Batignolles

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"I can follow the evolution of my food cost on a daily basis".

Sébastien Médouze

Director of Operations Gruppomimo

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