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Franks Hot Dog

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"To revolutionize the hot dog is Benjamin Attal and Jonathan Sellam’s challenge (Chez Franks co-founders). At Franks, tecipes are created by a Michelin-starred chef who was bold enough to twist traditional recipes by adding sauces and condiments from around the world to create Roll-Dogs. The founders of the leader in the premium hot dogs market share the challenges of managing a new and growing business and how Inpulse helps them achieve their goals."


20 hours

saved per month







"Inpulse is a strong partner, they guides us through our growth and in the development of our outlets by giving us a 360 overview."

Benjamin Attal & Jonathan Sellam

Franks Hot Dog founders

Optimized food cost and purchasing process

Jonathan (ex Traqfood, La Maison Mère) and Benjamin (ex Sushi Gourmet – Hana Group) are 2 food industry experts. According to them, what makes a good hot dog is the quality of the ingredients.

We create our own recipes, we make our own sauces with fresh ingredients delivered to us every day. Managing produce in an efficient way is crucial in making our business a success and to keep being a leader in the premium hot dog market.

“Before Inpulse, we used Excel spreadsheets to manage our inventory, screenshots that we would share via email to order supplies. Now it’s different, everything is integrated in one software which is timing saving and helps us manage our inventory. This tool improved our inventory, supply order and purchasing processes a lot.”

Supporting the development of sales outlets

“Inpulse is a great partner to make the company grow because we needed a very accurate tool to manage our inventory remotely. With the real time data provided by the software, we now have a 360 overview of our business.”

Train fieldwork teams

With our very rapid development, + 10 corners in 2021, + 12 corners in 2022, and the opening of franchises planned for 2023, we had a real need to be able to train the field teams quickly.

Inpulse helps us save time every day, especially for our managers who are now able to save time on inventory management. Managers can focus on other important tasks and we'll be able to dedicate more time to manage teams across our network.

Growing fast with data

The software became a fundamental tool of our daily work and helps us identify our needs. Inpulse is an on demande software. It connects to all of our network's cash registers which allows us to get accurate real time data. Inpulse implemented its system with our suppliers and is able to collect our data from them. Our inventories are as accurate as they can be.

The solution now allows us to focus on development.

‍ If you'd like to see a demonstration of Inpulse, ask for an appointment with an expert today to discover what Inpulse can do for you.

“At Franks, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and using Inpulse allows us to focus our energy on that.”

Benjamin Attal & Jonathan Sellam

Franks Hot Dog founders

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