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OFC (formerly SmartKitchen)Dark kitchen
OFC (formerly Smart Kitchen)

OFC (formerly SmartKitchen)

Dark Kitchen
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OFC offers a very unique business model in the Dark Kitchen industry in France. Created in 2020, this network of kitchens is based on physical restaurant. brands and offers to be their digital partner. Gwenaël Robert, OFC group co-founder, reflects on some of the difficultues his company encounters and the resulats he managed to achieve when OFC started using Inpulse.


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“Inpulse gives me the opportunity to forecast my revenue, purchases, production and inventory. It became an essential tool for our business.”

Gwenaël Robert

OFC co-founder

Improved sales forcasts

OFC group was founded by former Sushi Shop executives: Adrien de Schompré (co-founder), Grégory Nadjar (ex international COO) and Gwenaël Robert (ex CDO). These 3 early food tech industry entrepreneurs used their experience to build a unique business model in France: OFC is a digital food court that distributes 8 to 12 brands per kitchen.

According to Gwenaël Robert, it's quite simple: in the restaurant industry, the nerve of the war is purchasing and staff costs. The underlying principle of purchasing is sales forecasting. Basically, purchasing, forecasting and production are key issues for our success. I was looking for solutions that did all this before I discovered Inpulse. When I set up our start-up, I didn't want to develop everything, we didn't have the means to do so. Inpulse was the solution on the market that met most of my needs. It's a tool that allows me to anticipate my turnover, my purchases, my production and my stocks. Inpulse has therefore become a central tool in our business.

Scale your processes

Before Inpulse, we had set up Excel files and managed everything manually. Except that when we have nearly fifteen brands per kitchen, it quickly became impossible. We had to scale our models, learn to manage numerous concepts in the same space. There is a real complexity in the management of this model, we have about 500 product references in the same space. It is really essential to structure our purchases as well as possible and to optimise our stocks as much as possible. Inpulse is truly a key ally in this challenge thanks in particular to the automation of the data and the simplicity of the platform which allows us to be as efficient as possible.

Improved food cost

"Inpulse aims to enable us to improve our food costs: better purchasing, better production and therefore less waste. It allows me to structure the process of my managers, they all use a single tool, there are no other processes. This is reassuring as a network manager, 100% of orders have to go through the Inpulse platform, I centralise everything and I can thus structure the purchases on all my dark kitchens."

Saving time with data

Everyone knows that in the restaurant business, time is extremely important. One of the key features of Inpulse is the automatic order forecasting thanks to centralised data. This saves a considerable amount of time when placing orders, but also gives the head office a global view of the network in real time, as well as better management of supplier relations.

Something else that's very time saving is that with the number of brands we have, with Inpulse we're able to link our recipe cards and products which means we can launch a new product very quickly.

The experience at headquarters

Amandine Six, Deputy Director of Operations at OFC Group, has improved her daily life thanks to Inpulse.

Inpulse allows me to monitor operations in real time from the head office. I can manage operations remotely which makes me save a day of work per week on average. Now that I tried Inpulse, I couldn’t do without it.”

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

“Using Inpulse in our network and at the head office has been game changer.”

Gwenaël Robert

OFC co-founder

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