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Bricktop PizzaPizza
Bricktop Pizza

Bricktop Pizza

Sit-down restaurant

Bricktop serves pizzas and only pizzas : inspired by Neapolitan cuisine, cooked with a wood fired oven, made with fresh good quality ingredient and served in a casual atmosphere.


+4 percent points

gross margin increase


20 hours

saved per month



new restaurants within 18 months

"What's great is that you really order what you need, so the cooks don't have to worry about running out.

Wayne Lockart

Bricktop Pizza founder

Digitalizing recipe cards

Wayne Lockart fell in love with pizza and decided to learn everything about it in Italia with Enzo Cocha, a Neapolitan pizza master. The secret of his recipes: locally sourced ingredients and trusted suppliers. Wayne Lockart's restaurants provide a casual atmosphere with affordable prices.

Before we started using Inpulse, we did everything with Excel which was very time consuming, a real waste of time and energy. We had forecast files on which we entered all of our sales manually. I discovered what was a real datasheet with Inpulse, the software gives us the food cost of each pizza we make. I used to measure costs randomly, now I know exactly how I can adjust prices according to each recipe card.

Managing with data

In our opinion, Inpulse is a decision-making tool. I can manage and plan the daily activities of my restaurants thanks to sales forecasts. Inpulse allows me to monitor the food cost of all my products while proving me with a detailed inventory analysis.

Inpulse supports my business in 3 essential ways : forecast our revenue, send accurate orders to my suppliers and analyze inventory.

Avoiding food waste and sold out items

Short story: one day, we had to order straciatella. Inpulse recommended to order 40kg, but my cook wanted to order 60kg which we ended up doing. By the end of the week, we were left with 20kg of straciatella in the fridge. Since this day, our teams follow the recommendations provided by Inpulse very carefully: we order exactly what we need, our cooks aren't afraid of running out of an ingredient anymore.The supply order feature helped us save 2hours of work per week.

Food cost analysis

Analyzing food cost is a key feature of the software.Thanks to the sales forecasts feature and our dashboard (that enables us to monitor sales in real time as well as inventory and supply orders) we can get an accurate food cost at any time. We can also manage the upcoming week supply orders. We compared our gross margins in 2019 and 2020, we reduced our food cost by 4 percent points. One of the other advantages is that everything is online : we can look at old supply orders, check if we didn’t skip anything whereas we used to rely on PDF files which resulted in mistakes and had a negative impact on our food cost.

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My cook wanted to order 60kg of straciatella but Inpulse recommended to only order 40kg. At the end of the week, we were left with 20kg. Now that we’re following the AI, we save 3 to 4 percent points on our food cost.

Wayne Lockart

Bricktop Pizza founder

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