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Lüks Kebab

Lüks Kebab

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Lüks is first and foremost an original, high-end recipe that modernizes the kebab. After the opening of two restaurants and a turnover of 3 million, the company is opening up to franchising with 10 openings planned in 2023. Kamal Zaoui explains to us his need to automate the management of his stocks to better manage his network of restaurants.


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franchisees in 2023

We manage 30 to 40% of deliveries on platforms, so it's quite complicated to predict the right supplier orders. Thanks to Inpulse, on the evening of a game, we no longer have any shortages.

Kamal Zaoui

Founder of Lüks Kebab

Founded by Nordine Bara and Kamal Zaoui, Lüks wants to modernize the Kebab and bring a new experience with new original and high quality recipes. They chose Inpulse to support them in their development.

Currently, the network consists of two branches located in the 10ᵉ and 13ᵉ arrondissements of Paris. Lüks Kebab has a turnover of €3 million, with a franchise opening in early 2023.

Before Inpulse, they used WhatsApp, to place and validate orders. The result: many stock-outs that forced Kamal to take his car to stock up urgently and ensure customer satisfaction.

Automation of orders and monitoring of material costs

The objective was to structure purchasing, optimize inventory management, and ensure the operational excellence necessary to develop its network.

Since Inpulse, they have erased 95% of this out-of-stock problem. Lüks is 30-40% on delivery, so it's quite complicated to predict supplier orders.

"Installing Inpulse can be scary, because you have to put all the mercurial information into the tool, but after a week it was done. It's simple, modern and super intuitive."

For its deployment in franchises, the monitoring of material costs and consumption variances is essential.

"In 2-3 clicks, Inpulse allows me to view all the data from A to Z on all our products."

With the increase in material costs, the key word is to have access to key data. With Inpulse, the co-founder of Lüks Kebab can also compare his restaurants and correct any anomalies.

"There is a food cost to respect, as a result a rationalization of all the dishes in order to have the same dosage between the restaurant on 13ᵉ and the one on 10ᵉ. Inpulse allows us to keep an eye on this point. I look especially at the meat, it is more or less 30% of the food costs."

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

We have a food cost to respect, so we have to rationalize all our dishes, have the same dosage in our restaurants. Inpulse allows us to really keep an eye on this point.

Kamal Zaoui

Founder of Lüks Kebab

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