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Dark Kitchen: Perspectives and opportunities (replay webinar)

On the agenda:
- What is the difference between a full digital brand and a more traditional restaurant brand?
- How to maintain your customer base and loyalty, through your different channels and in relation to your digital brand?
- What are the specificities of a kitchen and productivity management within a Dark Kitchen?

"We've seen a 2-point improvement in margin, which represents €800,000. Indirectly, Inpulse has allowed us to grow."

Emmanuel Taib

Founder of Côté Sushi

Côté Sushi

+2 percent points

of margin gained - 800K euros

20 hours

saved per month, per manager

"Inpulse allows us to have 360 visibility of our retail outlets and makes purchasing management much easier."

Benjamin Attal

Co-founder Franks Hot Dog

Franks Hot Dog

20 hours

saved per month



We increased our gross margin by approximately 2 percent point: 1 percent point is due to the optimization of our procurement process and the fact that we no longer have sold out items and 1 percent point is due to less food waste. But above all, Inpulse helps our managers save time."

Adrian Parmentier Berlin


Blend Hamburger

+2 percent points

gross margin increase

20 hours

saved per month