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Sales forecasts

Sales forecasts

On the ground

Inpulse provides forecasts and sales targets by day, by product and by channel. Key data to anticipate your business based on the factors that influence it:

Sales history (site and network).

Past weather data and forecast weather.

Impacts events : school breaks, public holidays and sports events.

At the head office

You can make informed decisions to boost your revenue :

Adjustment and export of forecasts by day, by product, by service and by channel.

Analysis of gaps between forecasts and actual sales.

Adding promotions or internal events that influence the activity.

Procurement and orders

Procurement and orders

On the ground

Inpulse allows you to order to right amount of supplies and to centralize your purchase in a single tool:

Order recommendation based on consumption forecasts, revenue, stock levels and BBDs.

Automatic pre-filling of the order according to the recommendations.

Dynamic forecast inventory.

Creation of purchase orders.

Information sent to suppliers by email or EDI connection.

Control at reception of goods.

Automated creation and sending of credit note requests to suppliers.

Multi-brand management: common order.

At the head office

Procurement history is centralized inside of the software for a detailed analysis :

Analysis of purchase by establishment, by supplier in units and volume. Comparison with revenue excluding VAT.

Analysis of supplier performance by establishment (credit claims, late deliveries, etc.)

Analysis by reference of the differences between theoretical and actual consumption and of potential waste.

You set up the tool for optimal operation:

Easily add and manage supplier terms and conditions.

Supplier profile by geography or group of outlets.

Instantly update the price lists (new items, prices, etc.)

Set constraints per item.

Connect Inpulse to your accounting software.



On the ground

Inpulse calculates the stock levels of raw and intermediate products based on inventories, deliveries, theoretical consumption and losses. Your manager pilots his just-in-time stock by taking into account all the parameters:

Reporting of inventories in units and packages, by storage area or by supplier.

Losses by reference.

At the head office

All inventory movements are visible by location and by reference in revenue and unit. You control your inventory level to detect any issues using reliable and centralized data :

Inventory feedback carried out in the field with a tablet.

Analysis of theoretical and actual inventory gaps.

Analysis of past and forecast inventory.

Forecast overproduction and sold out items.



On the ground

Thanks to our automated production planning feature, your manager knows exactly what to produce, at the right time, in order to find the right balance between surplus and shortage:

Detailed production plan and production monitoring

Inventory level and waste reporting.

Production pace per hour.

At the head office

You control the production of your network remotely and allow your field teams to be more productive:

Analysis of the production by location, reference and date.

Setting up of the production minimums and targeted breakage rate.

Reference and price configuration per sales outlet.

Administration of start and end dates.

Technical data sheets

Technical data sheets

On the ground

Inpulse centralises the data sheets and delivers the relevant data for each outlet.

Simplified viewing of data sheets for the operation managers.

Access level according to user rights.

At the head office

Make your data sheets a key element of optimization:

Calculate your food cost automatically.

Digitalize your recipe cards and sub-recipes.

Maintain a catalogue of ingredients and allergens.

Automated calculation of ratios in real time by linking technical data sheets to market data.

Assign each recipe to your outlets according to your concepts and different brands.

Connect Inpulse to your HACCP software.

Why choose Inpulse?

Proven accuracy and efficiency

+5 points margin on material cost thanks to AI. Our customers recommend us.

The most intuitive tool on the market

Popular with teams who earn up to 20 hours per month.

An ecosystem adapted to your needs

+ More than 40 POS, aggregators connected in API, EDI connection with the biggest suppliers of the market.

Get started in less than 4 weeks with Inpulse!

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