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Wasabi Corner

Wasabi Corner

Food kiosks
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Created in April 2019, Wasabi is a brand specialized in the manufacture and sale of Asian recipes in supermarkets. Today, Wasabi has more than 110 corners in supermarkets: E.Leclerc, Intermarché and Système U. For Charles Edouard Raphaell, its co-founder, operational excellence is at the heart of all its processes, and he explains to us how Inpulse supports him on a daily basis in this ambition.


60 hours

saved per month

GOALS 2022


food kiosks

GOAL 2023


food kiosks

One of the biggest benefits of Inpulse is the way information is centralized: having all the information about the entire network in real time of day long.

Charles-Édouard Raphaell

Associate founder of Wasabi Center

Deploy 55 kiosks in 8 weeks

Wasabi Corner promises to combine tradition and handmade food, and offers a range of 3 types of cooking in the same food kiosk : sushis, wok and spring rolls. In 2 years, the network expanded very quickly which comes with daily new challenges. 

"Today, Wasabi Corner has more than 100 kiosks throughout France. Our ambition is to reach 150 kiosks in 2023. We would like to multiply the distribution channels by also developing in dark kitchen and remote shop window."

To cope with the rhythmic development of kiosks, Inpulse supports us with its unique tool deployed throughout the network. Before switching to Inpulse, we had chosen to develop our own software. We quickly realized that it was long and difficult. We lost a lot of money in R&D. With this solution, we managed to deploy 55 kiosks in 8 weeks. Now all our kiosks are on the same tool. Inpulse allows us to adapt production to the customer flow in real time on each kiosk, which is a key feature for our growth.

Centralize data and digitalize production

Having 55 locations spread throughout the country is not easy to manage. We have to find a way to centralize production and purchasing data in order to monitor the operational system and maintain our business model. Thanks to Inpulse, we were able to streamline our production and supply order processes which calls for better food cost and ratios.

Task management

"Inpulse allows us to control our production every day, to control our minimum number of references to produce for well-stocked display cases. The tool controls the filling, the production level in real time. This allows us to ensure that we are offering the customer the right amount of products."

In our organization, we have several support functions and sector managers, who use Inpulse on a daily basis to control the production of their stock, to place orders for their entire stock, which also allows them to remain very operational without being on site. Today, the centralization of purchasing data in Inpulse allows the procurement manager to save about 3 hours per day, which is colossal.

The experience at headquarters

Romain Vignolles, Wasabi Corner Supply Manager has saved more than 3 hours a day thanks to Inpulse, here is how he uses the inventory management solution:

"Before Inpulse, I was filling out 19 charts a day, filling in the numbers one by one. Today, I open Inpulse, press a button and I have all the information I need to manage my corners directly."

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

“Thanks to Inpulse and real time data, we can adapt our production at any time of the day."

Charles-Édouard Raphaell

Associate founder of Wasabi Center

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