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« Eating Viet & good » is Phood’s mantra. Phood is a premium vietnamese fast food restaurant chain founded in 2011, they have 7 locations in total (4 restaurants and 3 franchises). Benjamin Fetu, founder, reflects on his experience with Inpulse used in 4 of his restaurants.


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new locations per year

"Before Inpulse, we didn't get any feedback, order recap from our managers, but this a key information to make sure we optimize our management process.

Benjamin Fetu

Founder at Phood


« Phood aims to keep on opening new outlets, physical restaurants. We want to open about 10 new restaurants per year. Therefore, we need a digital ecosystem that can be easily integrated : Inpulse is the tool we recommend to our entire network. »

Finding local and sustainable suppliers is one of our main challenges. We want to reassert our core values : reduce food waste and use sustainably and locally grown produce. Using reliable forecasts like the ones provided by Inpulse will allow us to achieve this goal. Before Inpulse was implemented, it was very hard to track which supplies we would received and if we received them at all. Each outlet has its specificities and it was almost impossible to know the accurate inventory in each outlet. We would use Google Sheets for inventory management as well as supply management and we didn't have enough feedback to analyze, get reports and monitoring how our outlets were performing which was quite tricky.

Forecasting sales and supply

Inpulse is our inventory management and sales forecasts tool. 5 of our locations use the software, including 1 franchisee. It’s now essential to our business: we can update and parameter the software in real time, we can forecast and analyze our performance. Inpulse is a 360 software. If there is an issue in terms of supplies, in our recipe cards, we’ll know about it immediately.

We can order and update our suppliers very quickly. From now on, all our new franchises will be using Inpulse : we want our network to rely on this software to manage daily activities, it's crucial to our success.

Efficient food cost monitoring

"Adopting Inpulse has allowed us to be more accurate about food costs. Faced with rising raw food costs, it has even allowed us to regulate our costs. Thanks to better purchasing, accurate orders placed according to Inpulse forecasts, we have really optimised our processes: from better organisation of the kitchen to team planning and the reduction of losses: I say THANK YOU to Inpulse."

The manager’s point of view

"For the operational teams, it's much better organized and finished, they've understood the practicality of Inpulse. It allows us to adjust schedules and forecast production. It saves us margin points. We'll be making money with Inpulse for sure!"

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

"Implementing Inpulse has allowed us to get an accurate food cost. In the face of rising raw food costs, it even allowed us to regulate our costs."

Benjamin Fetu

Founder at Phood

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