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Kurry Up is the leader in Indian street food. This concept of traditional "Kurry" spicy-but-not-spicy dishes, optimized for "Up" fast-food outlets, is launching a franchise with a target of 10 franchisees by 2024. Philippe Pillet, Deputy General Manager, and the Kurry Up team have just structured the concept, and they share with us their method for building a rapidly scalable network, and how Inpulse is involved in the process.



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"Our concept also relies on the opportunity to operate in spaces with limited surface area, Inpulse allows us to manage inventory very precisely."

Philippe Pillet

Executive Vice-President

Kurry Up, a network of 5 restaurants, chose Inpulse to standardize its procurement processes and structure its network of 5 branches and future franchisees. 

With 30 years' experience at Quick, Burger King and Pitaya, Philippe Pillet, Executive Vice President, and the Kurry Up team have structured the concept in preparation for the franchise launch. He takes us through the key stages involved in building a rapidly scalable fast-food network:

"We're leaders in Indian street food, and we're aiming for 80 establishments in France by 2028, which will be gradual, with a first stage of 10 franchisees in 2024."

Create a concept that's easy to duplicate 

"To prepare for the launch of the franchise, I set up a number of key processes in our branches: standardization of an architectural charter or concept store, industrialization of sauces, choice of equipment to maximize operational performance and minimize energy consumption, training of employees to master the know-how...  

The restaurants operated in the traditional way, making their own recipes, with different dishes in each establishment. We standardized and designed the recipe cards so that it would work with team members who weren't experts, sourcing ingredients for the network. Everything in place to duplicate the concept."

The strengths of the Kurry Up concept are numerous: we have products perfectly adapted to French tastes, and a strong customer experience with home-made naans in front of customers. The concept is easy to operate by versatile employees, and our cooking methods don't require large extraction, which makes it easier to find premises and therefore franchise development opportunities."

Forecasting raw material requirements with AI

" Human contact and support played a decisive role when I chose Inpulse. It's essential to offer franchisees an innovative tool, and that there's a team behind it to help us make the most of all its features.

We now have easy access to theoretical and actual material costs, as well as loss rates, and this facilitates inventories, which is crucial for good inventory management. What particularly appealed to me was the activity forecast. In this month of July, it's interesting to see the impact of the weather in Paris on sales of certain dishes. 

Inpulse is a great help in avoiding losses and stock-outs, particularly on Fridays and Mondays, when sales are quite unpredictable. It was essential for us to help managers with sales forecasts, so that they could order the right quantities from our suppliers. All the more so, as our concept also relies on the opportunity to operate in spaces with limited surface area, we need to have very precise stock management, which Inpulse enables us to achieve thanks to artificial intelligence."

Analyze franchisee margins in real time

"Inpulse will enable franchisees to quickly master inventory management, avoid 'guesswork' orders... andoptimize storage space and cash management. Franchisees make a 7-year commitment, and need to measure their profitability. With Inpulse, each franchisee will be able to analyze his or her marginsand trends, andposition him or herself in relation to other franchisees .

With Inpulse, we provide the best procurement tool for franchisees. Our aim is for them to reach the material cost of our branches within a few weeks. They'll quickly get to grips with the tool and be able to place the right supplier orders. We'll be able to centralize comparisons of store performance, analyze losses, pass on best practices and provide support to help them perform at their best.

Limiting food waste in restaurants

"We want to avoid food waste as much as possible, so Inpulse enables proper storage that limits losses and therefore unnecessary costs."

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"Human contact and support played a decisive role when I chose Inpulse. It's essential to offer franchisees an innovative tool, and that there's a team behind it to support us."

Philippe Pillet

Executive Vice-President

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