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Blend Hamburger

Blend Hamburger

Sit-down restaurant

Opened in 2011 by Victor Garnier, Blend is the first sit-down restaurant to truly celebrate hamburgers in Paris. This expertise even has a name at Blend : the burgerness. Fresh ingredients and freshly baked hamburger buns (recipe by Remy Coste, MOF) all day long is Blend Hamburger's promise.

Food cost

+2 percent points

gross margin increase


20 hours

saved per month

Goals 2023


opening franchises

In everyday use, managers are in charge of placing their orders which gives me more time to accomplish other tasks. My managers love the software and they can’t do without it anymore.

Adrian Parmentier Berlin

Blend Hamburger co-founder

Optimize inventory to reduce food waste

We're 10 years old, 10 restaurants. It's an idea brought back by Victor, my partner from the United States. We make gourmet hamburgers, which means that all our products are sourced in very precise ways and according to our ideas and desires. We cook absolutely everything we put into our burgers.

Before Inpulse, we were mainly using Excel which wasn't very easy for our managers. At some point, we realized that this way of doing things was really limiting our growth, we needed a solid and user friendly tool in order to share best practices with our franchisees as smoothly as possible.

Inpulse is primarily a forecasting software : it provides supply order recommendations based on forecasts which enables us to make sure that we won't run out of an ingredient or don't over order.

The biggest advantage of Inpulse is to help our managers optimize inventory, reduce food waste and avoid shortages. This allows us to monitor our food cost and bring it as close as possible to the theoretical food cost.

Save time and increase your gross margin

Inpulse allows us to increase our gross margin by 2 percent points : no more shortages, less waste. We also save time on operational tasks: 20 hours saved per month per manager which is time they dedicate to important tasks and clients.

Share best practices with our franchisees

Our goal is to open 3 new franchises in France from 2022 onwards and then to open 5 to 10 new restaurants in the following years for a total of 20 openings in 5 years. Today, it takes us 1 hour to train a manager wheareas before we needed several hours and had to explain things many times.

At the head office, working with Inpulse gave us serenity. It allowed us to streamline our processes, give our managers the same tool and have them work to reach the same goal.

Inpulse has 2 key features :

- First, we have a complete follow up of our datasheets, we can add news ones, go back to an old one while always having an automatic calculation of the food cost which allows us to be sure of what we produce and to change the menu very easily.

- The second key feature is that we get a complete overview of our operations during the purchase and consumption processes in one report for all our restaurants. The analysis is much more accurate, we can track and identify which one of our products is the most or least popular and adapt our production accordingly as a team.

The manager's point of view

Benjamin Larcher, manager of Blend Hamburger Madeleine for the past year, talks about his daily use of Inpulse:

"Inpulse, it's a beautiful discovery, beautiful human collaboration, very dedicated and very available."

If you would like to take advantage of an Inpulse, request an appointment with an expert today to see what Inpulse can do for you.

"The biggest advantage in the field is that we have managed to optimise stocks very strongly, no more losses and no more shortages."

Adrian Parmentier Berlin

Blend Hamburger co-founder

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