Deepsight becomes Inpulse
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Deepsight becomes Inpulse


2018 marks the beginning of the Deepsight adventure. The two founders Brice and Valentin enthusiastically set out to explore the restaurant industry. A blank stare and a great curiosity allowed them to point out critical management issues in the restaurant industry and to question some entrenched paradigms. At the end of the year, the two partners laid the foundations of their platform with one unwavering guideline: data must serve daily operations. This is the starting point of Deepsight and the name will remain.

Today Deepsight becomes Inpulse.

Inpulse is a strong brand that resembles its team and its customers. A name that resonates with the fast pace of the restaurant industry, a graphic charter that is resolutely pop, a logo that reflects the dynamism and growth that the Inpulse platform generates. This identity allows the Inpulse team to translate their vision in a more accessible way. It is the foundation of their great ambitions and the mission that drives them every day: to support food industry players in their development by automating point-of-sale operations thanks to AI.

Inpulse is a modern management platform that allows restaurants, dark kitchens and themed corners to automate daily management operations and improve gross margin.

"By freeing field teams from time-consuming and complex management tasks, Inpulse allows them to focus on their core value: delivering the best customer experience" says Brice, co-founder and CEO of Inpulse.

The restaurant industry is at an inflection point. In this context of recovery, restaurateurs are digitalising and looking for new optimisation levers. The entry into an omnichannel era strengthens the sales mix of restaurateurs but exponentially intensifies the management complexities.

"To manage gross margin effectively, the future of retail outlets will be written with data. Automating operations is one of the keys to success and Inpulse is the first platform that allows restaurant owners to face these new challenges" explains Valentin Pignolet CTO of Deepsight.

For restaurant owners, Inpulse saves a considerable amount of time: up to 15 hours per month per operator at headquarters and in the field. An ultra-fast ROI thanks to precise production and purchasing management combined with optimal control of food costs; their customers such as Coté Sushi, Bricktop Pizza, OFC, Blend Hamburger or Wasabi corner gain up to 5 points in gross margin.

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