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About Zelty

Zelty is a cash register solution designed for multi-site use and built around the iPad cash register.

In addition to the cash register solution, the Zelty suite includes many other features such as online reservations, KDS screens, Click n collect, and delivery management.

In the back office, the dashboard is 100% customizable and updated in real time. It allows centralized management of cards and catalogs, and integration via API with a number of tools including Inpulse. 

Benefits of the Inpulse x Zelty Integration

  • The integration via API allows a fluid and reliable data feedback on all your sites
  • Daily sales data retrieved by Inpulse via Zelty is used to refine the predictive module and update the theoretical inventory status
  • The quick and easy connection to the Zelty solution saves time and peace of mind for our joint customers!

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