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About RusHour

RusHour is a French company that helps restaurant owners manage their delivery and take-out orders.
RusHour centralizes delivery and take-out orders on a single tablet and a single printer for several thousand independent restaurants, chains and Dark kitchens in France, including Mezzencore, Subway, Not So Dark and others.

Their solution offers many features including:

  • A data analysis tool that allows you to track your restaurant's metrics in real time across platforms
  • A single tablet and printer to simplify order management and reduce the error rate on each order through auto-acceptance
  • A tool to manage and optimize menus on platforms by following recommendations to increase the conversion rate
  • A delivery screen to improve the handling of orders and reduce the waiting time for delivery personnel
  • 100% French support available 24/7

Benefits of Inpulse x RusHour integration

  • Integration with RusHour allows Inpulse to retrieve data from all your online orders in a reliable, seamless and consolidated way
  • The recovery of sales data allows to feed the predictive algorithms and to maintain the level of theoretical stocks up to date
  • Self-acceptance of orders allows for the recovery of complete sales data

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