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About Popina

Since 2014, Popina has specialized in iPad cash registers.

Popina offers connected functionalities and services, notably the management of reservations & users, customer files, note separation, back-office, Excel accounting export in one click, real time remote statistics. Many accessories such as remote controls for order taking, kitchen printer, barcode shower, customer display, payment terminal can be connected to the software.

Popina also offers connected services: Click and collect, loyalty program, Ubereats integration, digital reservation book, advanced stock management via partners, connection with PMS software (Mews, Octorate)...

Benefits of the Inpulse x Popina integration

  • The data retrieved via POS system allows Inpulse's predictive module to be fine-tuned and the theoretical stock status to be updated in order to provide ever more accurate ordering recommendations
  • The integration via API allows a fluid and reliable data feedback on all your sites
  • The quick and easy connection to the 6xPOS solution saves time and peace of mind for our joint customers! 

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