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About Otter

Otter offers a wide range of products and services to help restaurant owners develop their online meal ordering business.

Otter is a delivery management and optimization platform that helps restaurants grow their online sales and optimize their operations. Their partnerships with leading online ordering and direct-to-consumer platforms allow restaurants to centralize all orders, automate tasks and generate the data needed to drive their business. These order management and analytics technology solutions can be customized to meet the online ordering needs of each restaurant.

Benefits of Inpulse x Otter Integration

  • Integration with Otter allows Inpulse to retrieve data from all your online orders in a reliable, seamless and consolidated manner
  • The recovery of sales data allows to feed the predictive algorithms which generate the forecasts and to maintain the inventory level up to date
  • Otter's automatic order acceptance feature ensures that no orders are missed when data is returned

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