Centralization and payment of supplier invoices

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About Libeo

Libeo is a business community that allows VSE-SME managers, financial directors and accountants to centralise their invoices, pay and get paid in a simple way, in one click and without IBAN, without having to connect to their bank.

The application allows companies of any size to :

  • Automatically collect and centralise their supplier invoices
  • Paying with one click and without an IBAN
  • Collaborate easily, internally and with their accountant
  • Anticipate the evolution of their cash flow

Libeo has more than 150,000 users, including references in the restaurant and catering industry such as Yann Couvreur, Côté Sushi, Miznon, Cali Sisters, PNY, Breizh Café, Les pieds dans l'eau, Starbucks, and Burger King. 

Inpulse x Libeo integration features

Integration with Libeo enables our joint customers to reconcile purchase orders issued by Inpulse with invoices, giving them an accurate picture of what they actually have to pay their suppliers.

This saves time and reduces costs!

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