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About Keytchens

KEYTCHENS centralizes all your delivery orders in one place. 

Their tool enables you to automatically accept all orders and eliminate any penalizing inactivity, to beat the algorithms of delivery platforms. So you can boost your delivery sales and improve the operational efficiency of your business.

What's more, KEYTCHENS allows you to respond automatically and systematically to all consumer reviews on Uber Eats and
Deliveroo. They also have a system that allows you to "dispute disputes", to instantly recover fraud money from delivery platforms.

Their sales and VAT reports enable you to find out the deductible VAT amounts for delivery platforms.

Benefits of Inpulse x Keytchens integration

  • Integration with Keytchens enables Inpulse to retrieve data from all your online orders, reliably, seamlessly and in a consolidated manner.
  • The recovery of sales data feeds the predictive algorithms and updates the inventory level
  • Synchronization between Keytchens and Inpulse means that all changes made on Keytchens are reflected in Inpulse!

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