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Since 1989, JDC SA has been offering solutions in seven areas of activity: cash register management, electronic payment systems, store security, beverage dispensing, weighing, HACCP and automatic cash dispensers. The company offers a wide range of products, from the classic first price equipment to the latest generation point of sale equipment.

Inpulse is integrated with the POS Kezia II, Nova 15, Jalia and Popina from the JDC Group. 

Benefits of the Inpulse x JDC integration

  • The data retrieved via JDC's POS system is used to refine Inpulse's predictive module and to update the theoretical inventory status to provide ever more accurate ordering recommendations
  • The integration via API allows a fluid and reliable data feedback on all your sites
  • The quick and easy connection to JDC solutions saves time and peace of mind for our joint customers! 

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