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About Deliverect

Deliverect gathers and centralizes the online orders of your points of sale in a single application.

Orders are synchronized with the cash register system, and are printed in the kitchen. The status of the orders is sent back to the delivery partner or C&C. The dashboard provides a centralized view of all online ordering activities.

The application allows to manage menus, products and options from POS system or from Deliverect, and to send them to online platforms. It also allows you to put on hold products that are temporarily unavailable.

In terms of reporting, Deliverect makes it possible to compare the sales figures achieved on the various channels, and to highlight the products that work best compared to those that work least in order to make decisions. 

Benefits of the Inpulse x Deliverect integration

  • Integration with Deliverect allows Inpulse to retrieve data from all your online orders in a reliable, seamless and consolidated manner
  • The recovery of sales data feeds the predictive algorithms and updates the inventory level
  • The synchronization between Deliverect and Inpulse allows all changes made on Deliverect to be reflected in Inpulse!

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