Your material cost in real time

Automate your inventory management and control your material costs with AI

Inpulse revolutionizes inventory and supplier order management: assisted by AI, your stores gain up to 5 points of margin on material costs.

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Adopted by over 1500 restaurants, corners and bakeries

Adopted by over 1200 restaurants, corners and bakeries

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Automate your procurement and regain control of your material costs with AI

With Inpulse, automate your inventory management and take back control of your margin with AI.

Automate your orders

Automated supplier orders to order just what you need using Inpulse's artificial intelligence.

Anticipate your turnover

On-site and delivery sales forecasts at the ingredient level to reduce losses and shortages.

Simplify your inventories

Multi-unit inventories, incoming inspection and automated credit requests, loss reports, stock transfers...

Centralize your purchasing data

Revenues by channel and restaurant, suppliers' terms and conditions, updated price lists, purchase volumes...

Analyze your ratios in real time

Real material cost, consumption gap, analysis of losses, purchases, suppliers...

Synchronize your tools

More than 40 cash registers, aggregators and delivery platforms connected by API. EDI supplier connection.

They deploy their multi-site network and gain up to 5 margin points with Inpulse

They reduce waste and gain up to 5 margin points with Inpulse

"Inpulse allows us to have 360 visibility of our retail outlets and makes purchasing management much easier."

Benjamin Attal

and Jonathan Sellam


20 hours earned per month

"We provide a tool that is easy to learn and we are confident that franchisees will place the right orders even if they have no experience. "

Charles Drouhault


+3 points of margin gained

"We have seen a 2 point improvement in margin, which represents €800,000.
Indirectly, Inpulse has allowed us to grow. "

Emmanuel Taib


+800k gross margin

Why choose Inpulse?

Save time

+5 margin points
Material cost improvement thanks to AI in a few weeks...

Less waste

20 hours saved per month
The most intuitive tool on the market, less than 1 hour to learn.

Fewer sold out items

Integrated ecosystem
+ 40 POS, aggregators connected in API. Supplier EDI connection

Get started in less than 4 weeks with Inpulse!

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Our team sets up the software for you, trains your teams and monitors your results so that you can quickly optimize your material costs

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Frequently asked questions

What is my target material cost?

Inpulse users gain between 2 and 5 margin points by automating their supplier orders with artificial intelligence. To check the material cost you could achieve try our calculator.

How to optimize inventory management with Inpulse?

- By ordering just the right amount of inventory, you can reduce waste, shortages and unnecessary capital expenditures through supplier order recommendations.

- By centralizing purchasing data, you can collect all the information in the field: material costs, losses, purchase volume, and known and unknown markdowns through inventory analysis. You can access your data in real time to make the right decisions and react quickly.

Who can use Inpulse?

Inpulse is an expert multi-site solution designed to meet the operational challenges of restaurant chains, bakeries and themed corners.

At headquarters, Inpulse is used by founders, operations managers, purchasing managers, controllers, and financial managers.

In the field, Inpulse provides daily support to managers, franchisees and operational staff in charge of inventories.