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The Papilles workshopBakery & Patisserie
The workshop of the papillae

The Papilles workshop


L'atelier Papilles is one of the pioneers of the bakery restaurant industry. For the past 10 years, this network of 2 branches and 26 franchises has been accelerating its development with a goal of 100 points of sale by the end of 2026. Sébastien Billières, Director of Operations, emphasizes the importance of listening to the network in order to accelerate the development of the franchise and the profitability of franchisees. He shares with us his purchasing strategy to improve the franchisees' material costs and the management of purchases at the central office.



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"We were looking for a tool that works on margin at all stages of the supply chain. With Inpulse, we have ordering, inventory, centralized purchasing, loss identification, incoming inspection and analysis all at once."

Sébastien Billières

Director of Operations L'atelier Papilles

L'atelier Papilles is a bakery and bakery restaurant franchise, which was chosen by the French in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for its quality of service in the sandwich category (Source: Capital).

Like many fast-growing franchises, L'atelier Papilles chose Inpulse to meet the challenges of its purchasing management strategy and to effectively support its 26 franchisees:

  • Centralize purchasing
  • Coping with inflation and its impact on margin
  • Improve inventory management by identifying markdowns

Dealing with inflation: its impact on margins and updating of price lists

"With the increase in raw material prices, we are facing margin erosion. It is increasingly difficult to keep technical data sheets and price lists up to date, with the resulting price changes. Before, we used to negotiate twice a year, but nowadays prices are not fixed, and it is difficult to keep a commitment to a price. Hence the importance of better structuring its purchases as a group and improving its inventory management by identifying its markdown."

For some franchisees, the implementation of inventories and stock analysis will be new. They will be able to know their material cost per recipe sheet, to control and reduce consumption discrepancies, and to finely analyze stock movements thanks to Inpulse.

"With Inpulse's analytics data, we'll be able to highlight our margin losses and thus improve our material cost."

The first results for the franchisees are extremely positive and particularly on the sales forecasts:

"Inpulse's forecasts are reliable, with artificial intelligence able to achieve an accuracy rate of 95% on forecast sales and product mix." Anthony Nicolas, L'atelier Papilles network coordinator

Simplify centralized purchasing with Inpulse

"We reached a turning point for L'atelier Papilles where it was essential to have a complete tool to centralize purchases. First, we wanted to simplify the processing of orders and credit note requests made by the franchisees, and to facilitate the reconciliation of invoices and delivery notes. With Inpulse, we chose a tool specialized in multi-site management that meets all the needs of a network head and that will allow us to better identify franchisees' purchase volumes and therefore negotiate better."

As the Director of Operations emphasizes, at L'atelier Papilles, franchisees are an integral part of the group's strategy. From the gathering of needs to the choice of the solution, the franchisees were consulted for the implementation of this new strategic tool:

"During our logistics commissions, the franchisees brought up several needs: a simple tool to make their inventories, to place orders with the appropriate quantities and to facilitate the requests for credits..."

Inpulse helps set up processes for new openings and provides real-time purchasing, inventory, and material cost information used by franchisees and support functions at headquarters. The use of Inpulse's Forecasting and Ordering modules will allow franchisees to efficiently forecast future sales, raw material requirements to reduce overstock and unnecessary capital expenditures.

"We were looking for a tool that works on margin at all stages of the supply chain. With Inpulse, we have ordering, inventory, centralized purchasing, loss identification, incoming inspection, and analysis all in one. We expect to gain three margin points in the next few months with Inpulse."

Be supported during the deployment

"The risk with this kind of tool is that it becomes a gas factory, the onboarding goes well, we are really accompanied by Chloe and the whole Inpulse team."

‍ If you'd like to see a demonstration of Inpulse, ask for an appointment with an expert today to discover what Inpulse can do for you.

"We're hoping to gain three points of margin through Inpulse."

Sébastien Billières

Director of Operations L'atelier Papilles

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